Getting the Message Out to Your Agents

Letting your agents know about changes, or informing specific agents of some detail or other, is an important part of running an effective call center. Some call centers will use a third-party server like Jabber and install clients on the agent desktop. Managing the logins, ensuring all agents get their messages, and verifying receipt can be a bit of a challenge. Continue reading Getting the Message Out to Your Agents

Running the Beachfront Call Center

In 2004, we had a client with a call center in Northern New Brunswick.  For a dozen seats, he required thousands of dollars in telephony equipment, including the Pika board required to wire in the multiple incoming telephone channels, CTI server and a server to manage the leads and agent interaction. A few years later, and after a downturn in the economy, he was able to repurpose the equipment. He moved it to his basement, kept a few call center seats there, and used DSL to connect to a SIP provider. If he were to start today, he wouldn’t need the telephony card, the servers, and the wiring. He could start in his basement, using the Cloud,  and only move to an outside office when his growth demanded. Continue reading Running the Beachfront Call Center