Essential Queue behavior for Multi-channel ACD

Queues are the back-bone of a modern ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). Within any sophisticated call center software, Queuing is an  abstraction of the information that represents all the various parameters and attributes of Queues and Calls. Queue management is the ability to efficiently distribute calls to the most appropriate Agent in a Call Center or an organization. The separation of queuing and queue management from the actual calls is a natural progression in the evolution of ACD. Skills based routing, Queue Priority and many other Queue manipulation features are a by-product of this progression.

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Unified Communications from Q-Suite

So often, technology changes usher new products and services that dramatically lower cost and drive out well entrenched, higher-priced competition. We are certainly seeing this trend within the contact center software and technology industry, impacting those whose business model thrives on expensive licensing for in-premise and managed cloud based call center services. The shift introduced by Asterisk in telephony is being carried into the unified communications with the availability of quality ACD software for Asterisk. Contact center industry is the direct beneficiary of this technology change and cost savings.

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Applications for Unified Queue Management

Skills based routing has been the backbone of ACD based call routing. Multiple Agents and Multiple Queues are matched by the ACD to route individual calls to the most appropriate Agent. Queues require skills to handle calls and Queues have priority. Agents are assigned skills with skill levels. All agents are automatically logged into all the queues for which they have the required skills. This can be extended to other media type as well.

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