If You Can’t Give Up When Your Caller Does

Sometimes your callers really mess things up for you.

You’ve spent hours building and tweaking and testing your Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Music on hold. Audio prompts. Web services to tie the call together with a contact in your CRM.

The visual IVR builder gives you plenty of options for collecting data, sending data, and routing calls. The drag-and-drop interface lets you get your IVR built fast so you can test and perfect it.

The built-in features are fantastic for collecting data about calls and updating your CRM. Or even letting your agents know a call came in. But, sometimes you need to guarantee that the information goes into your CRM.

Then the caller hangs up before that can happen.


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Tracking Your Dialplan the Easy Way

You can have the most wonderful dialplan builder in the world. If you don’t know how many people are taking each branch, though, you don’t know your system well enough. You can guess that X number of people are choosing an option because that’s how many people hit your queue. Are you sure that you’re not losing people while they’re listening to your audio prompt? How many callers might go missing without being noticed? Continue reading Tracking Your Dialplan the Easy Way