Apache MySQL under Ubuntu 9.x

Indosoft deploys contact center solutions all over the world. We prefer that our clients purchase server hardware from vendors like DELL, directly. With so many things changing, it is always a challenge to get everything in order. Call center solutions have too many moving parts. We use Ubuntu, Asterisk and our call center software Q-Suite. We have a nifty installer which keeps track of all our SVN, database and OS deployment packages. It is still a challenge due to the sheer complexity of the world of call centers. Continue reading Apache MySQL under Ubuntu 9.x

This Script Builder Tool is a hit with Call Centers

Indosoft call center software Q-Suite is designed for enterprise contact centers using or migrating to Asterisk PBX.  It has an extremely powerful Script Builder for use with both Inbound and Outbound campaigns. For Inbound, the scripts can be associated to pop-up at Queue level and for outbound the scripts can be associated with Lists. One or more lists will form the lead base for outbound. The Script Builder is a WYSIWYG tool with powerful tools that allows contact center administrators to build a multi-page script  incorporating texts, variables, URLs and other neat features. Continue reading This Script Builder Tool is a hit with Call Centers

Impact of MySQL CDR on Call Center Software for Asterisk

Asterisk has revolutionized telecom, PBX and call centers. Asterisk is also widely used as a media gateway and voice recording server. It is a vast and daunting task to document all the vertical and horizontal applications of Asterisk. We at Indosoft have experienced the impact of Asterisk on contact centers as well as call center software development. The growth and maturity of  Asterisk is startling. As a consequence, we  do from time to time encounter difficulties in the implementation of the features essential in a contact center software as Asterisk introduces new and extremely useful functional enhancements. Continue reading Impact of MySQL CDR on Call Center Software for Asterisk

Call center software feature list – Part 1

There are many details in selecting the right call center software. The business requirements of the call center and costs are primary considerations. The obvious current requirements for  the call center software are easily identified but it is the future unanticipated requirements that may limit the capability of your call center due to the limitations of the call center software. In many cases, it may be very difficult to anticipate all the functional requirements for the call center software with fine granularity. Once a call center is operational, changes or software upgrades increase the risk of disruption and impose enormous overheads on project planning and execution. Continue reading Call center software feature list – Part 1