Five Keys To Dialing Your Leads Effectively

You can have a great dialer, a wonderful staff, and effective management, but if your lead queuing strategy is wrong, your outbound campaign is going to fail. Great agents can’t sell to people who aren’t home. The best product for working couples isn’t likely to be sold from 9-5. Your restaurant supply company isn’t going to close any sales between 11am and 1pm local time, when the restaurants in question are struggling to handle the lunch crowd. Continue reading Five Keys To Dialing Your Leads Effectively

Warm Leads and Outbound Dialing in Today’s Environment

Outbound dialing in the call center has undergone a revolutionary change in the past decade.  In October of 2004, the Supreme Court of the United States allowed a ruling from a lower court to stand that enabled the FTC Do Not Call regulations.  The widespread registration of home phones, along with restrictions on dialing cellphones (and their increasing share of the number of phones outstanding), signaled a massive shift in the way outbound contact centers would operate.  Automatic or predictive dialing was not killed off then, but it has been in critical condition since. Continue reading Warm Leads and Outbound Dialing in Today’s Environment

Modern technology stack drives faster Call Center Software development

Modern contact center platforms are built on top of powerful technology stack. The underlying stack makes it simpler for the developers of call center software to focus on the building functionality around the two main aspects of voice customer contact, namely the Dialer and the ACD Engine. I am not ignoring the growth in the use of social media and chat within inbound centers for live customer contact. A good ACD should treat be able to all media types and queue them in a similar fashion using skills based routing and queue prioritization.

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Importance of Simplified API for CRM integration to ACD and Dialer

CRM drives sales by providing centralized customer and lead management with instant access to the history of each customer and prospect. Most CRM software offer up to date customer history on demand with access through the Web or desktop application. The power of lead management and CRM can be amplified by integration to a Dialer platform to improve efficiency and productivity. Most Dialers provide for different modes of dialing like Predictive, Preview and Progressive. ACD integration to CRM allows better management of incoming calls. The most important aspect of setting up CRM integration is the ability of Dialer and ACD software to work seamlessly with the CRM.

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Convergence of Dialers, Cloud Setup and CRM Integration

Quite an interesting phenomenon is unfolding with the convergence of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Cloud Setup and Dialer technology. As we all know, CRM is the heartbeat of any sales team. CRM software provides significant edge for sales operation to scale. Similarly Web and IP connectivity form the information superhighway connecting all the major data centers around the globe in this phenomenon called “Cloud”. This is seen in the growth and availability of reliable Data Centers around the world. Phone service is more important than ever because of the proliferation of Web and Online business that has changed the way commerce is carried out. Because of this, Dialers have become the engine for driving for customer contact.

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Dialer for Asterisk

There is a lot of excitement regarding Asterisk, the leading hybrid telephony switch. But what makes Asterisk so uniquely beneficial as a contact center technology platform? For starters, the underlying telephony switch is usually a large portion of the initial cost when buying a packaged proprietary contact center solution. Asterisk, on the other hand, delivers a proven, open source, next-generation switch that has been tested and implemented by millions of users. Therefore, a call center technology platform that utilizes Asterisk is capable of delivering an immediate cost savings.

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Use of Outbound Dialer in Collections

Delinquent customers impact profitability and therefore increase the cost of doing business. Collections are a process of debt recovery with challenging conditions where efficiency of contact matters. Most collections and recoveries mechanism depend on efficient dialers to automate the process of customer contact. Dialer is the most important component of a debt recovery and collections contact center. The Dialer refers to the overall dialing system and should offer advanced dialing features capable of running multiple concurrent outbound campaigns in both Predictive and non-Predictive dialing modes. Collections and Debt recovery requires account code dialing where every account has multiple phone contacts. Another key component to successful outreach programs is the ability to blend with inbound calling.

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Differentiate your contact center technology platform using better outbound Dialer

Developing two-way interactions with your prospects is a great way to develop customer relationships, build loyalty, drive business efficiencies, and significantly increase revenues and return on investment (ROI). A feature-rich call center software will allow the implementation of innovative outreach programs within your contact center operation to reach out to customers in a timely fashion converting leads into sales; enabling the call center to take immediate advantage of a willing buyer. These innovative leaders are utilizing new, forward-thinking features to achieve greater standards in outbound marketing. Implementing these new technology components for your contact center technology platform has never been easier.
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